Time Traveler

When  you type  in “Bralorne Time  Traveler ” into Google,  a mysterious photo pops up that has millions of people questioning if time travel really does  exist. Strange as it may sound,  many claim that a time traveler was caught in a 1941 photo published on a virtual exhibit by the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum.

By just glancing at the photo, a tall man stands out wearing what seems to be modern sunglasses, a printed t-shirt, and he even seems to be holding a modern day camera. It is easy to see why so many speculate that this man is from the future, as he looks so distinctively different from those around him.

This photo went viral in 2010 after the photo  was posted  on digg.com and other sites.  Hundreds  of emails poured  into the museum with messages such as “Why is there a time traveler in this photo?”, “One of your pictures has been tampered with”, and “I believe we have caught a time traveler ”

News stations from New Zealand, Brazil, and  the  USA all had segments covering the photo. A Russian news team even came to Bralorne, BC to investigate the photo’s origins. The crew found the original photo and even discovered a possible name to identify the Bralorne Time Traveler.

Several people  are so enamored  with the Bralorne Time Traveler that they have wanted to buy the rights to the photo  to sell and make a fortune off of it. One man has even claimed to be the time traveler himself!

This photo  is quite  the  phenomenon and  is one  of the  most discussed time traveler stories in the world. So could this really be a time traveler caught on camera? Or perhaps it could just be that he was not dressed for the occasion?

Do you believe this  man is a time traveler?