Anna Driehuyzen, teacher at the Gold Bridge Community School shares her story.

I moved here thinking I would be here just one year. However the work and community were so wonderful and I was close enough to Vancouver to go back regularly that I decided to stay on. I have travelled and lived all over the world especially in Europe and I like to say Gold Bridge is one of the more exotic places I’ve spent time in! I’ve never done this kind of rural living before and at first it was an adjustment but it has a lot going for it. The school work is very fulfilling and I’ve met some wonderful people here. I have spent most of my teaching career in Waldorf schools. I trained in The Hague and England. My teaching practicums were in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. I speak Dutch and German After living in Europe for several years I returned to Canada and moved to Nelson BC and was a movement/dance and music teacher there. After several years I returned to Vancouver where I taught for another 12 years at the Waldorf school there. I pursued a Masters degree in Arts Education at SFU.