Terms And Guidelines Of Image Bank Use

Photo Credit

The Bridge River Valley Community Association requires borrowers to provide photo credits each time an image is used. Photo credits are to BridgeRiverValley.ca and the Photographer, if specified. Please note photo credit information is listed directly below each image. Failure to include the proper credit or improper use of the photo(s), as specified in this agreement, will result in the user being liable to pay the Photographer, the market rate per photograph, per photo application.

Terms of Use

Images may be used for non-commercial promotional purposes including editorial coverage, printed brochures, rack cards, website and posters for the purpose of promoting the Upper Bridge River Valley as a tourism destination. Images may not be used for direct commercial or paid advertising and promotions which includes but is not limited to print, on-line and multimedia advertising and promotions. Images may not be used for any merchandising or retailing purpose. Images cannot be altered, adapted or enhanced. Images also may not be duplicated or reproduced.

Download Tips

Images are only available for download to Flickr Members who add Bridge River Valley as a Flickr contact.
1) Select the image you would like to download via the lower navigation thumbnail bar.
2) Click on the LINK button located top right of the navigation bar. This will open the image in Flickr.
3) Click on the ACTIONS then ALL SIZES button which is located to the top left of the image.
4) Pick your desired picture size, then click on the DOWNLOAD icon to save the image to your computer.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


This Image Bank was created with a Community Tourism Foundations grant from the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association.