Circle Tours

Vancouver Escape Recommended: 4 days – minimum 3 nights – 650km
  • Leave Vancouver behind along the TransCanada Highway #1 and travel through the fertile Fraser Valley
  • Check out a farmers market or buy farm fresh local produce
  • Travel to Chilliwack and check out the local museum in town before venturing onwards to
  • Hope  stay the night and wake up ready for a hike in the mountains or through the Othello Tunnels. Grab a bite in town and head into the Fraser Canyon, Canada’s own version of the Grand Canyon. There is hiking and historical sites along the way. Hell’s Gate Airtram offers a spectacular view of the gorge and rapids that have awed travellers for centuries.
  • Continue along the spectacular Fraser Canyon and turn off at Lytton on your way to Lillooet.
  • Stay the night in Lillooet – time your journey for one of Lillooet’s many festivals  or  a  musical performance  at  the  Miyazaki.
    Wake up refreshed and begin your journey along Road 40 – book ahead at Xwisten Experience Tours to learn about local First Nations and their tradition of dip netting and wind drying Fraser River salmon.
  • Continue your journey along Road 40 to the Bridge River Valley and check in at one of several accommodation  options  listed in our guide  – stay a few  nights and immerse yourself in our nature, history and culture – ride or hike the trails, pan for gold at the Haylmore heritage site, go paddleboarding/boating on one of our many lakes and finish the day with a delicious meal and spa treatment.
  • When you are ready, complete your circle tour by taking the Hurley Forest Service Road to PembertonWhistler – Vancouver or by returning to Lillooet on Road 40 and taking the Duffey Lake Road to Pemberton – Whistler – Vancouver.
Whistler Escape Recommended: 2 days – minimum 1 night – 335 km
  • If you need a break from world-class, purpose built resor t amenities and are searching for immersive and authentic wilderness and culture, the Bridge River Valley is only 2 hours away from Whistler!
  • Venture north on Hwy99 and if you have a 4×4 vehicle, cruise through the scenic Pemberton Meadows to the Hurley Forest Service Road — the Bridge River Valley is only 2 hours away.
  • Other vehicles can take the equally scenic Duffey Lake Road to Lillooet/Road 40 and arrive in the Bridge River Valley in only3 hours!  When you’re ready for the Whistler scene again, cruise back renewed and refreshed.
Western Canada Grand Tour

Be sure to include the Bridge River Valley in your grand tour of Western Canada. Banff and Whistler are must sees but the Bridge River Valley is a ‘must feel’ – feel nature all around you; feel the sense of community and feel yourself – learning, exploring, connecting. See Route 1 and 2 for more details.