Horseback Riding

  • Don’t be surprised to see wild horses in the valley by the river or a cowboy riding along the side of the road or on a trail that you are exploring.
  • Horses and donkeys opened up this area and as a result there are endless trails to explore on horseback. Whether you are looking for day riding or venturing on a multi-day trip to the backcountry with packhorses,  this is probably  the  best  way to experience the  Bridge River  Valley  and  South Chilcotins. Bring your own horses or join one  of our exceptional  local outfitters to create your adventure. Contact Tyax Adventures and Chilcotin Holidays for trail rides and guide outfitting services.
  • Valley trails outside the park are not to be overlooked, whether you are searching for a family activity for an hour or a day of riding, the valley trail network can provide both.
  • Epic multi-day rides  can  be  done  venturing  further into  Big Creek Park and towards Taseko Lake. Float plane drops,  horse transporter services and guides are also available to help get your group to explore further out into the wilderness.
  • There are a lifetime  of trails to  explore  around  Gold  Bridge, Bralorne and the Bridge River Valley. We recommend the South Chilcotin Mountain Guidebook and GPS Map for your adventure planning.

Bridge River Valley Trails

Vist the Bridge River Valley Trail Committee website for more information about the local trails